Restorative yoga


 Restorative Yoga is an excellent practice for post illness, recovery, post injury or period time. It is also beneficial when one feels that some part of the body needs to be addressed more specifically.

In this practice one is likely to work on deeper levels of the body: connective tissues, fascia, ligaments, joints.

In a Restorative Practice, the postures or asanas are held for a longer time (up to 5/10 minutes) than in an usual sequence. The postures are mostly from the seated, reclining, or gentle inversion groups.

The emphasis is on the breath and on letting go.

With its focus on breath and relaxation this can be a meditative practice, but it still offers a deep & beneficial workout.

Bolsters, blocks and other forms of support are often used to support the body and allow beneficial postures to be held longer and with comfort