About Nathalie


Nathalie teaches Yoga on a full time basis since 1999.    

Nathalie has taught Yoga classes to many students from full beginners to advanced and experienced practitioners, she has also taught Pregnancy classes and Kids Yoga Camps worldwide, workshops on Yoga Philosophy, Yogic/Vegetarian Nutrition and Cooking and Kirtans.  

She has inspired many students to take on a regular Yoga practice in their life.    

Nathalie practiced Ashtanga Yoga with Sharath Jois, in Mysore India, John Scott, Lucy Crawford and Gingi Lee.  

Certified teacher in:  

1998:  Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Vivekananda Center, Bangalore- India

1999:  Sivananda Yoga, Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Kerala- India

2009-2010:  Ashtanga Yoga with John Scott, John Scott Yoga, New Zealand

2010: Rainbow Kids Yoga 


Additional trainings:  

1998: Reiki, Level 1. 

2008: Ayurvedic Counsellor (certified) for Lifestyle, Nutrition and for Women’s health.

2010: Training in Yotopia dynamic flow yoga including basic principles of fascial anatomy, basic fascial touch, adjustments and movement principles. 


Nathalie is a Senior Yoga Teacher with  Yoga Alliance UK

It is the highest teaching qualification title in the U.K.