What people say

” Nathalie is a very inspiring and methodical yoga instructor.  She has wonderful sensitivity and empathy with her clients’ daily moods and speaking from my own experience, I found her to be particularly helpful with my asthma and related issues.  Nathalie is always thoughtful, friendly and has been great at building up my strength and flexibility over time.  Always ready to demonstrate whatever is needed, Nathalie has given me a new lease of life with her clear and incisive teaching style.”

 Nitin Sawhney, composer, producer, musician 


“Nathalie  is gentle and friendly while still setting the agenda, challenging us and making the sessions interesting. The balance has been just right. She is careful that we do not hurt ourselves, and in a way that is neither bossy nor fretful but straightforwardly reassuring.We feel comfortable with someone who is so pleasant and thoughtful and who is as natural a listener as she is an instructor.” 

John & Sarah Butter, bank and finance advisers


  ” Nathalie has been an outstanding teacher and has continually striven to lead me to dynamic practice that endeavours  to turn my weaknesses to strengths. My spine, body and well being  are both nurtured and stretched in her safe hands.”
 Nadya Smith, householder 
“Nathalie is a wonderful, warm and inspiring teacher. She teaches with such clarity and confidence, you feel entirely safe and therefore able to explore your own practise with ease and enjoyment. I always come away with a sense of uplifted energy whilst feeling calm and focused. On top of the world!”

Cloudia Charalambos, P.R.



“Nathalie’s classes are full of fun, focus and energy. She both challenged and supported me in my learning and development. Nathalie is a wonderful, warm, wise individual who’s gift for teaching is a blessing for all of us lucky enough to find her.”
Amber Smith 



” Nathalie is a natural teacher”

Tim Levy, Founder and CEO of Future Capital Partners