Private Yoga Classes

 A Yoga Class in the comfort of your own home, at your office or at your hotel at a time that suit your schedule….


Why  Private Sessions:

  • Teacher’s attention: A private Yoga class is the best option to improve an existing practice, or to learn the foundations of the practice (for the beginnings!). It is the ideal set up if you have a specific injury, or if you wish to work on certain part of your body specifically.
  • In depth skilled adjustments: We can also tailor a session to your preferences in term of exercises: your strengths, your weaknesses.
  • Variable Yoga sequences: the session can be different each week: different postures, different work out or it can be a very classical set up. In any case, the class is always adapted to your specific needs.
  • Targeted Yoga Class: we can adress your needs and goals specifically once we have discussed these before your first class with me.
  • Flexible schedule: A private session can be arranged to suit a busy timetable, according to your availability.
  • A class at home or at the office: A private yoga class can be in the comfort of your own home or at the office.
  • I also offer Private sessions in our Yoga studio in South Croydon as well
  • Attention to alignment, core strength, proper muscle work ….


I also offer Corporate, small group (up to 10-15), semi private and family Yoga classes.


What do I need?  How does it take place?

First of all you’ll need  enough space for you to lay your mat and to practice and for the teacher to guide you: so a relatively small space!

On the long term, it is ideal if you can dedicate a space to your Yoga practice. But this is not always possible espcially if the class is taking place at the office!

It is really recommended to have your own Yoga Mat. Please inform me if you need one and I will carry an extra mat for the session. (There are a few props that we can use in a session such as yoga belt, blocks, cushions, bolsters… I can give you more details about these!)

Confortable, lose clothing or the typical yoga clothing: crops and tanks. I advise to keep a warm sweater and some socks at hand to remain warm and confortable at the start and towards the end as the class slows down.

You need to practice on an empty stomach if the session is in the morning. If the session is later in the day, it is really preferable to avoid eating for at least 2-3 hours before the class.


I will endeavour to come to you within 24 hours if you need a Yoga class today. Contact me now to book your Yoga Class and discuss your needs and goals.


How to book: 

If you are interested or considering a Private Yoga session but are not sure this is for you or have any questions, please contact me.

Price (up to 3 pers per session):

  • 60 minutes : 60 £
  • 75 minutes: 70 £
  • 90 minutes: 80£

Block booking:

  • 10 x 60 minutes: 540 £
  • 10 x 75 minutes: 630  £
  • 10 x 90 minutes: 720 £

Please contact me if you have any questions about the classes and the prices.

The payments can be made by cash, bank transfert or cheque.

In case of cancellation, I  require a notice of 24 hours. In case of late cancellation the class will be fully charged.  This is mostly because it is difficult to re-schedule a session for another client within 24 hours.  However, I will endeavour to work with you in case of an emergency and re-schedule your class.

For more information about Private classes, please do not hesitate to contact me!