F.A.Q about a Yoga Class answered: 



What do I wear for a class? 

Confortable, clean yoga clothes, crops, tank tops, leggings….For a bodywork-yin yoga session you can wear loose coton clothes. I encourage you to use clothes that will make you feel at ease and allow you to move easily.


What do I need for a class?

Just a Yoga mat.


Can I eat before my Yoga class?

The best option is to practice with an empty stomach, but if it is not practical then allow at least 2-3 hours after a large meal and 2 hours after a light meal.


What do I/ we do in a Yoga class? How does it take place?

The 1st class: 

Once we have discussed the best way forward according to your health, needs, goals, prefered type of class, we will have a first introductory class where you will learn the first basis. This first session will allow me to see you moving and understand your level of fitness and it will give you a first feel for the practice/ bodywork.



A  Yoga session usually involves a few warm-ups, some Sun Salutations and a sequence of postures. There is a focus on breathing all throughout the class.  It always end with a 7-10 minutes relaxation time to allow the body to rest and cool down.

According to the type of Yoga practice your prefer, the session may be very dynamic, mildly dynamic, gentle, slow, restorative….You can find a suitable practice that will fit your body and aspirations.


Will I/we use props?

Props (such as yoga blocks, yoga belts, bolsters, cushions etc…) are useful tools if and when needed to support us in the beginning stages or if certain postures are too challenging and the body needs extra support.  Props might be very useful at times. But as much as possible we will try to practice without props to allow the body its full range of motion.


How many classes do I/ we need per week?

3 times per week is a good balance (that will still give you time for a busy schedule as well in fact!!), but results and wellbeing can certainly be felt with as little as 1 regular session per week. Regularity is the quintessential of yoga practice. I invite you to try the Yoga 4 week-challenge starter pack: committing to 3 times a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

It is also very important that you are regular if your experience soreness (with the most dynamic type of Yoga practices) to help reduce muscle tightness.


Can I practice if I am pregnant?

Yes and No (!)

(If you are pregnant, please let me know upon our first conversation.)

It depends on your previous experience of Yoga and physical exercise, but as a general guideline:

For the 1st trimester, like with any physical exercises, it is not recomended to practice Yoga. A restorative and very nurturing Yoga practice is very beneficial for pregnancy. However, a dynamic demanding practice must be given up to ensure safety for both the mother and the baby. If you have no serious medical condition and have a smooth pregancy, a moderate yoga practice will overall be very helpful for pregancy, labour and recovery. (It is essential to first ask a doctor to give you the go-ahead to exercise before attending a class.)


What about periods and Yoga practice?

In the Ashtanga Yoga system, it is recomended to take the first 3 days completely off practice.

In the case of restorative practice, hatha yoga and bodywork you may practice if you feel like. Just inform me before the session so we will avoid a few postures that could be uncomfortable.


Can I practice if I am injured?

If you are injured, it is important you consult a physician to make sure it is ok to exercise and to practice Yoga. It is also essential to let me know of any medical condition and/ or injuries you may suffer from. In some instances, an adapted Yoga practice can be beneficial to strenghten & stretch the muscles & adress the injury in a safe and healing approach. The practice might be modified to suit your needs/ abilities and the use of props might also be required to ensure the practice remains safe and suitable.


(The practice of Yoga cannot be used as a subsitute to a medical diagnosis and/ or treatment, always consult your physician before exercising if you know you have an injury).


I have back pain. Can Yoga help to ease my back?

A regular practice of Yoga can help to stretch the muscles of the back and mobilise the spine, it also can help to relaxe tensed muscles. It can certainly help. But it is essential to first consult your physician to make sure it is good to exercise and to practice Yoga.


Will I loose weight?

The more frequently you practice, the more results you will see. If you choose a dynamic form of practice, you will build strong and lean muscles. The more muscle you build, the more calories you will loose throughout the day (as opposed to burning calories while you exercise only). In short, you increase your body’s metabolism.

Together with the maintenance of a healthy diet, the regular practice of Yoga will keep your lean, healthy and strong.

If you would like some directions with your diet, I offer bespoke ayurvedic nutrition and cooking counselling. Contact me for more infos.

Not only you will loose weight, but you will also detox, increase your vitality, energy, increase your focus and level of mental relaxation. (See Benefits of Yoga)


Will Yoga make me stronger/ more flexible?

A regular practice will help you build strong, lean muscles, it will keep your joints flexible and healthy. This reduces greatly the risk of injury. The practice of Yoga also helps to strenghten the back and improve posture. It helps increasing stamina and muscle tone. (Toned and lean muscles are actually stronger than big and tight muscles!) (For a complete list of the benefits of Yoga, click here)


Will I be sore?

A restorative yoga practice is unlikely to create muscle soreness but, muscle tightness is common when beginning a new workout regimen, especially because you work your muscles in a new and different way than most other exercises. In a dynamic Yoga practice, because of the variations you will always be challenged, but never plateau. Most students have some muscle soreness after class. Sore muscles will be stretched in each class to relieve tension and ensure relaxation and ease.


Will I be more relaxed/ less stressed if I practice Yoga?